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Last updated on 22 October 2008.
Copyright (c) 2004-2006 Darry Dixon
Copyright (c) 2001-2004 Dmitry Rozmanov

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WHAT IS 'NTLM Authorization Proxy Server'?

'NTLM Authorization Proxy Server' (APS) is a proxy software that allows you to authenticate via an MS Proxy Server using the proprietary NTLM protocol. Since version 0.9.5 APS has an ability to behave as a standalone proxy server and authenticate http clients at web servers using NTLM method. It can change arbitrary values in your client's request header so that those requests will look like they were created by MS IE. It is written in Python v1.5.2 language.

Main features:


21 October 2008:Applied all pending patches to SVN trunk, including those in the SourceForge tracker, and many from the Debian packaging. Latest trunk.tar.gz straight from SVN.

27 January 2006:New bugfix version on the latest stable branch - (view CHANGELOG here).

NOTICE: Please be aware that the current active maintainer for the NTLM Authorization Proxy Server is now Darryl Dixon (homepage for the interested). Please use the sourceforge project page for support and feature requests, and do not bother the original author, Dmitry Rozmanov, unless absolutely necessary.

The server had been written for wget that could not pass through MS Proxy set up in our LAN. But then it turned out that even browsers can use it, so I spend some time to get it more RFC friendly and now it looks like it works with most software that can use http/https proxies.

Even distributed Intel-United Devices Cancer Research Project can be used with APS. Just use HTTPS proxy in "proxy settings" of the United Devices' software and point to your local NTLMAPS, like server - "localhost" and port - "8080" or something that you set in server.cfg.

View ReadMe here.

Licensing and Pricing:

'NTLM Authorization Proxy Server' is distributed under the GNU General Public License which is included in this archive (see file COPYING).
The above mean that 'NTLM Authorization Proxy Server' is pretty much free. You have to pay nothing for it.

System requirements:

Python language interpreter version 1.5.2 or higher. See www.python.org.

Current stable version:

Current experimental version:

There are no binary files in the distribution. Thus you can use the software on any system that has Python, with minimal modifications.

NTLMAPS uses only standard modules from a Python distribution.


I recommend you to take the stable version. If you are adventurous you can try the experimental version; it's usually stable enough.

SourceForge Downloads Page contains both .zip and .tar.gz formats

What's new in 0.9.9 since 0.9.8:

Known issues:

To Do:


There are two options in server.cfg DEBUG and BIN_DEBUG, if you have toubles with the server so set these options to DEBUG:1 and BIN_DEBUG:1 just before requesting a problem page (or resource). You have to restart proxy server to reread server.cfg. This will give you 3 log files per http request (per connection to be exact), like, and In the first one there is an info on what APS did, two others contain raw traffic from client and from proxy.

Pack them with zip or gzip and send them to me if you want me to help you.

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Darryl Dixon / 27 January 2006 / esrever_otua@users.sourceforge.net
Dmitry Rozmanov / 18 May 2002 / dima@xenon.spb.ru

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